Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Texas Sunset Commissions Stands Firm Against TRCC

The Texas Sunset Commission, a state commission comprised of 12 State Legislators which works to eliminate unneccesary government programs, issued a report today recommending the Texas Residentical Construction Commission (TRCC) be terminated during the 81st Legislative Session.

The TRCC was created in 2003 under Governor Perry's Administration. The TRCC was tabbed as a commission to regulate the new home market to give consumers confidence. The big problem with the TRCC is the home-builders set their own rules and regulations that they chose to abide by. This is akin to a player who cheats at poker being allowed to deal his own hand.

Some of the highlights of the Sunset Commission Report include:

  • "Current regulation of the residential construction industry is flawed and does more harm than good."

  • The Sunset Commission recommends the abolishment of the Texas Residential Construction Commission and repeal the Texas Residential Construction Commission Act.

  • Agency functions do not add value, distract from the Commission's main duties, and confuse many homeowners.

The report goes on for 75 pages, but you get the gist of the idea. Increasing government oversight, regulation, and supervision of industries results in bad policy, the potential for corrupt government officials, and negative impacts to the consumer.

The Sunset Commission is taking the right steps to recommend the abolishment of this state agency. It is time they look at many other agencies that are overstepping or not adhering to their missions and are working to only prop up their own bureacracies instead.

The State Legislature needs to take this recommendation to heart, in spite of Bob Perry's large campaign donations, and abolish the Texas Residential Construction Commission.


Michael Adams said...

Your second paragraph after the bullets has three key ideas that we need to keep repeating until people learn them. I would add a fourth, entrenched businesses use regulation to stifle competition. Lack of competition always produces lower quality and higher prices, every time. Perhaps I am being too subtle? Regulation produces the opposite of its intended effect.

Anonymous said...

Eek! The first paragraph, not the second, the paragraph with the synopsis of the Sunset Commission report.

Anonymous said...

I've heard criticism of the TRCC of being in the pocket of the builders not the consumers. So its good to see the Sunset Commission is doing its job and saying this agency is not working and should be closed.

Anonymous said...

As a registered member of the TRCC I am being forced to pay an SIRP inspection bill that I was unaware I would be responsible for! To make an educated decision on how to proceed in the SIRP I called TRCC staff. I asked for help and for them to explain to me the SIRP process. They explained the process in detail but they never told me about this $450+ FEE I would be charged if the inspector found one item in violation. The staff urged me to let home owner have the inspection even when I was unable to attend. I was just handed the $450 bill by TRCC after they found something wrong. They told me at first in my initial explanation of process homeowner pays $250 for SIRP process. I think I just got scammed by TRCC!

I will take every oppurtunity to share this horrible experience with local Newspapers, fellow remodelers, builders, and trades. I will also be contacting my lawyer. The TRCC was in place I thought to protect me as well as the home owner.

I have lost all faith in the TRCC program. I have NO jobs lined up AND 4 KIDS TO FEED and TRCC is socking it to me. Good work TRCC.

'TRCC does more harm then good"

I agree. Value for warranty repairs are less then $200. Had the homeowner paid us th retainage I would have gladly done warranty work. Now I am being forced to do warranty work, pay inspection of $450,follow up inspection $??, and pay court fees to take home owner to work.

I requested a fee waiver request and they say its "unjustified"!

Save us!!