Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin is an Outstanding Choice

There was rampant speculation over the last couple of days as to who Senator John McCain chose as his running mate. The speculation is over. Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was been selected and will be introduced in just minutes at a press conference in Dayton, Ohio.

This is an excellent choice for John McCain and the Republican Party. Many people will site her pro-life record and her stances on drilling in ANWR as great policy points. Many others will site the fact that she could attrack many of Hillary Clinton's "PUMA's" to vote for McCain. Others will site that she has cleaned up a culture of corrupton in the Alaska Legislature. Many pundits will say that this balances out the GOP ticket with the same level of experience level that the Democrat ticket has. I have another take.

Senators seldom make good Presidents. The last Senator to be elected to the highest office was John Kennedy in 1960. My knock on Senators is that they never have had to be leaders. They can wax eloquently on issues, philosophize on the direction of the country, and build relationships with other Washington insiders.

But, Senators are never expected to lead. They do not have to determine the best way to organize a cabinet to get the best results. They do not have to determine heads of bureaucracies to get the most efficiency out of their work force. They do not have to represent the broad base of their constituents while still working to achieve the best results for their citizens. Just look at the most famous Senator of all time, Cicero. He was a great political philospher who helped moved Rome into a grand direction. But, Cicero was no Julius Ceasar.

This is where Governor Palin gives John McCain a strong advantage over the Obama/Biden ticket. Sarah Palin leads a state economy and infrastructure. She puts leaders in place to achieve results that are in the best interest of her state. She focusus on the big picture of the direction of her policies and then utilizes her cabinet and staff members to execute her vision. Governors must put their vision into action or they will not get re-elected. Senators simply cast visions and then argue over symantics of the vision with others.

Governor Sarah Palin is an asset to the GOP ticket in her role as Governor of Alaska. She is the best possible pick for John McCain and the Republican Party to compliment the Presidential ticket. To quote the monk in Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade, "You chose wisely."


Anonymous said...


Why? She is a conservative reformer.

She is what the GOP needs to be. She has gone up against corrupt players in the GOP ... and won. She has cut wasteful spending. She is fighting for more energy.

She has been the change agent that Obama claims he will be. Except he's got no accomplishments to prove it, he just talks the talk ... SHE HAS WALKED THE WALK.

Democrats are already spinning it as a "risky" and "hail mary pass", not noticing that their talking points go doubly for Obama.

This pass is a completion and will be a touchdown.

Anonymous said...

"I can tell you that The Brody File has been talking to multiple sources in the conservative Evangelical community and the reaction has been EXTREMELY POSITIVE. As a matter of fact, I am told that when conservative leaders heard the news this morning at a meeting at the Council for National Policy, one attendee told me that there is "nothing but elation. People are giddy." - Brody File

Anonymous said...

heard on Rush:
"For the first time in many years, I’m really proud of our Party.”

Anonymous said...

No-bama - Vote Baby Mama!

Sarah Palin - She Changes Her Children’s Diapers, and Joe Biden’s Too

Sarah Palin - Are You Really Going To Vote Them Down Twice In One Year?
– “them” being women of course.

McCain/Palin - Vote For The Non-Sexist Ticket

Maverick/Outsider vs. Marxist/Insider - You Decide

Experince/Youth vs. Youth/Experience - Which One Would YOU Rather See First?