Friday, August 1, 2008

Breaking News: Democrats turn off the Lights on Republicans

Nancy Pelosi just turned off the lights on the debate on the House floor, literally. The Republicans are still on the floor debating the energy and drilling issue, even though Democrats broke quorum to avoid voting.

Check out this live blog of activities: Conseratives for Change.

UPDATE (From Freedoms Truth): More from Politico and Redstate:

They have brought in dozens of their members, who are walking up and down the aisles making speeches. They have packed the floors and galleries with staffers. When Capitol Police tried to remove reporters from the gallery, Republicans stopped it from happening. The crowd has repeatedly broken out in chants of "Vote, vote, vote!" There's several dozen Cub Scouts sitting on the House floor in seats normally occupied by members."

I think the replacement by cub scouts might well be a step up. One of the funniest speeches:

Update 6 - Rep Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) just pretended to be a Democrat. He stood on the other side of the chaber and listed all of the GOP bills that the Dems killed. He then said "I am a Democrat and here is my energy plan" and he held up a picture of an old VW Bug with a sail attached to it. He paraded around he house floor with the sign while the crowd cheered.

Since the House is officially adjourned early by Pelosi, who would rather scadaddle than face a real debate on addressing energy, the House GOP cannot compel her back; they can only protest her insane actions. Redstate calls on the President to call a special session.

UPDATE II: Via Malkin - Rep Mike Pence says: “Prepared to stay here as long as we can;”

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