Friday, August 8, 2008

Rep Conaway calls for Texan input on GOP Platform

We mentioned previously that the GOP is taking inputs on their Platform online. Rep Mike Conaway is soliciting inputs as well via his website:

Midland, TX Congressman Mike Conaway (R-TX-11) has launched an interactive feature on his Web site that will allow Texans to submit their proposals for consideration by the Republican Platform Committee.

Each week in August, will feature a call for Texans to give their input on a different important issue.

The first issue Texans are being asked for their opinions and suggestions on is Energy. Conaway is currently on Capitol Hill participating in the House Republican "speak-in" intended to bring attention to the current energy crisis, and to highlight the Republicans' "all of the above" approach to solving this crisis and helping the American people.

Future topics will include Health Care (August 11), Immigration (August 18), and the Economy (August 25).

We will pile on and add our two cents on these issues.

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