Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Right In Austin!

Did you know there are conservative blogs in Austin, Texas? It's been a revelation and a delight to know that the Right Side of the Web is alive and well in Austin, a surprise given the mystique of Austin as a weird, liberal, hippy town. Nope, the whole town is not like that, just the city council and the clique of 5% of the voters who elect them.

Last week, we had a lunch get-together of local-to-Austin 'right-minded' bloggers, and a good crowd turned out, representing blogs such as Blue Dot Blues, Keath Milligan,Quid Nimis, The Conservative Austinite, UrbanGrounds, and the co-blogs of the Travis Monitor blogging crew, Austin' Voice in the Wilderness, No-bama blog, and Policy Spotlight. Some nice talent and great blogs.

There are more Austin online activists and bloggers who are on the 'right side' than the above mentioned. If you are a blogger in Austin and want in on our happy Band of Right-Blogging Brothers, let us know (comment or email). In the meantime, you might see this symbol and the Austin blogroll of like-minded blogs as we build up the local conservative blogging community:


MarineCorpsVet said...

Me too! Me too!


bbmoe said...

Thanks for the plug!

MJSamuelson said...

Thanks for doing this!

Snowed In said...

Count me in.