Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Obama Corollary and Racemail in America

Rick Moran discusses being called a 'racist' by Obama supporters in the campaign. He concludes that a misuse of the race card "is the major reason we can’t have an intelligent discussion about race in this campaign or at any time." A commenter notes:

"By the end of this campaign, being called a racist will be about the same as being called a nazi. It won’t mean anything."

Travis Monitor's Obama Corollary to Godwin's Law: Any discussion about Obama and his candidacy will eventually end up being a discussion about race and racism. When an allegation of racism is hurled, the conversation is effectively over.

1. For the sewer of ad hominem epithets that is left-wing rhetoric, I blame Alinsky: "Rule 12. ... Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works. "

2. McCain is learning how to hit back. Here is how he can totally destroy the race-card in America once and for all. In the debate, say that there have been some ugly accusations hurled but he can prick it with some humor, reflective of Reagan in 1984: "I will not make an issue in this campaign out of the fact that my opponent is better-looking than I am."

3. Powerline says the Obama racecard has backfired, and Polls are showing that.

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