Monday, August 11, 2008

Statesman puts DNC presser on front page

A Sunday (August 10, 2008) Statesman article on Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, that catalogued differences between Hutchison's reformist promises in 1993 and what's happened, had such an obvious "gotcha" slant and such questionable timing, I was left wondering if it was a cut-n-paste job from a DNC press release. Jason Embry was the reporter.

Here we have big news out of DC, with the House Republicans staying on capitol hill during the Congressional recess to demand action on energy from the Democratic Congressional leaders. Local Representative Michael McCaul presented receipts from constituents, yet there is complete mainstream media radio silence on it. We have an ongoing campaign by Obama and McCain which is surely fodder for these 'rhetoric versus reality' pieces. Yet I see no media reports on the disconnect between campaign finance rhetoric and reality by Obama. (He bashed his opponent for links to oil companies, and yet got mroe from Exxon; he proposes public-financed campaigns but has broken a promise to use the public-financing mechanism for the general election; etc.)

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