Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KBH for Veep?

Kay Bailey Hutchison's name has bubbled up lately in the John McCain Veepstakes. McCain will announce his pick Friday. Intrade has had Romney leading in the 'who will be picked VP' betting, but reports today say he's not in the running and his Veep stock has dropped by 18 pts, to 48. KBH has coincidently risen 12pts to 16 pts. Also in the running is Rep Eric Cantor (19 pts), Gov Tim Pawlenty (24pts), and Tom Ridge (11pts). Best conservative in that bunch would be Cantor of Virginia. Sarah Palin is at 3pts. No way of telling what is real news and what is baseless gossip until the actual announcement Friday.

If KBH does get picked and goes on to win, it will certainly reorder the possible 'line of succession' for the many state-level Republican officials.

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