Friday, August 22, 2008

Palin for VP?

Texas State Prof Suggests Other McCain Veeps Pale In Camparison

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With all the mainstream media a-twittering about Barack Obama's vice president choice, to be delivered via the trendy text messaging method, now might also be a good time for serious people to think about McCain Veep possibilities.

Texas State Political Science professor Will Ruger recently penned a recommendation for Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Money quotes:

"First, the attractive young governor, ... would provide much-needed energy and youth to a ticket whose main candidate is frequently on the receiving end of "he's so old" jokes. "

"Palin would give Hillary-voters frustrated by their candidate's loss and still unsure about Obama a reason to shift over to McCain. And there is no doubt this former Miss Alaska pageant contestant would give red-blooded men in purple states like Ohio a reason to watch the vice-presidential debates. "
Young and attractive, Palin as VP could help dampen the chic aura built up around Obama by his handlers. Furthermore, a female VP pick coupled with the maverick McCain may be enough to peel off disaffected, moderate female Democrat voters in key swing states.



MJSamuelson said...


Thanks for sharing this, Travis!

Barbara said...

And talk about pro-life! Really, an almost shocking rebut of the "trial balloons" for a pro-choice vp pick.

Timothy E. Bradberry said...

Honestly Travis, I did not delve into your post on Palin and frankly forgot about it when I started mine or I would have read yours in depth before writing mine.

The main reason I thought about blogging about Palin was that I found myself responding to a Newsmax poll asking who should McCain pick for VP. I did some head scratching and some research on Palin, liked what I read, and then dug a bit into the controversy that has been foisted upon her (I really think she's being set up by the Union Bosses).

A couple of good quotes from William Ruger's article that you left out:

(1) "[G]iven the price of oil, Palin can help McCain focus on energy security, an issue that could be Obama's Achilles' heel -- if the Republicans could overcome McCain's opposition to things like drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The environment might be wildly popular on the coasts, but in the middle where this race will be won, a candidate who could credibly sell a plan for lower prices at the pump will move votes."

(2) "Palin can win the hearts of conservatives, given her strong pro-life views -- views that were backed up with action this year when she gave birth to a son with Down's syndrome. It would probably also help with these folks that her oldest son recently enlisted in the Army. And she can excite libertarian Republicans, given her fiscal conservatism as governor as well as her reputation for anti-corruption, love of guns and the outdoor life, and moderation on social issues other than abortion."

For me personally, I must admit that when I heard that Palin had recently given birth to a Down Syndrome baby boy I immediately connected with her, myself being the father of a Down Syndrome son, whom we tragically lost in a freak accident in November of 2005, (May Daniel Maximum-Ping Bradberry rest in the arms of Jesus, until we meet again).