Friday, August 1, 2008

Congress Takes its Ball and Goes Home

The Democrat Congress today adjourned for their annual August break without one single vote on energy issues or drilling. The American people are fed up with high energy prices, and our Congressmen have done nothing to increase the supply of oil and gas in the United States.

At lunchtime today, the Democrats in Congress left the House floor, calling a recess for August and breaking quorum. This Congress, despite nearly 1.3 million people signing an online petition to urge Congress to allow for more domestic drilling, failed to even take up the issue.

There are many Democrats who will be in trouble because of this issue. Nancy Pelosi and the like are holding Congress and the American people hostage at the whim of liberal extremists like George Soros. A clear majority of Americans support increasing America's domestic oil production by stepping up offshore drilling and exploring for new domestic oil reserves, but Congress has refuesed to take up the issue. This may be the first time in US history in which 22% of the American people (those environmental extremists who elected this Congress) hold the majority.


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