Saturday, August 2, 2008

Obamedia Bias Watch

Liberal Media Bias in a nutshell - follow the script: When the Republicans had their August 1st rebellion against Pelosi's early recess, the MSM was there, ready to follow the Democrats orders to stay Mum:

“You’re not covering this, are you?” complained one senior Democratic aide.
But if you missed it last night, today’s front pages at LATimes, NYTimes, WaPo, SFGate, certainly wouldn’t clue you in. Relying on them, you would never know what happened.

You don't have to rely on the Dinosaur media, see our previous Travis Monitor blog posts. The Liberal MSM have an Obama campaign to help out as it takes on water. Media covers for Obama by pretending he didn't play race card, and Andrea Mitchell shows here Obamaniac side in credulously buying the Obama spin. Then CBS goes ape over McCain ads as "below-the-belt" and "infamous", with massive hand-wringing over an ad.

How bad is this ad that Obama calls it "low road" and the media is lamenting as 'mud'? You decide:
Celebrity ad.
The One ad.
Troop Funding ad.

Negative ads? Yes. On-target, funny and based on valid criticisms? Yup. What the Obama camp and Obamedia really fear of the Celeb Ad is this reaction, found on YouTube:

This ad is brilliant. It questions the root of Obama's support. I think that the defensive responses of many media outlets, and even right here on this board, shows the foolishness of the average Barack supporter.
I am no fan of John McCain, but as a person of intelligence, I surely can't support the idiocy of Barack Obama and the sheepish nature of his supporters.

It's a popular ad, with over 1 million YouTube views.

New York Times claims they are not biased. It's like a fish arguing that it isn't wet. How can it tell? The Times also claims Denial is a river in Egypt. We beg to differ. Wash Post shocked at its own pro-Obama bias, which it found out by counting photos of Obama and seeing how they outnumber McCain photos. Funny, but they didn't report on how Obama stories are far more favorable than McCain stories.

Seton Motley calls the Obamedia "magicians" for making Obama's inconvenient truths disappear. Like how they tout Obama's claims to Christian cred without mentioning his 20 years in Trinity UCC pews listening to Rev Wright's Black liberation Theology fulminations:

Given the now very high-profile of Rev. Wright and Trinity United, it makes zero journalistic sense for the Post never to mention the Who or the Where of Obama’s spiritual awakening. It’s like handing someone a recipe for French fries and leaving off “potatoes”. But it makes perfect ideological sense, because in this instance the spuds are rotten.

Showing the bad side of Obama would violate the media bias Credo: Follow the script. Showing Republicans make hay over an issues that 70% of Americans support would violate the media bias credo: Follow the script. And admitting to what they do on a daily basis? That's way, way off-script.

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Randy A. Samuelson said...

The same bias is true in covering the news on Congress yesterday. In flipping through the channels last night for the nightly news, none of the major channels gave the Democrats not voting on offshore drilling much, if any, coverage.

The blogs are the media now. The blogs covered the news when the "mainstream media" did not.