Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gov. Palin Accused of Being Insensitive to Comments about State Senator Lyda Green

I made this comment in response to a article that attempted to smear Vice-Presidential candidate and Gov. of Alaska Sarah Palin for supposed insensitive laughing at remarks made about Senate President Lyda Green during a radio talk show interview. See HuffingtonPost article linked below my comment.

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If you listen to the entire audio and hear the responses in context you will find that Gov. Palin was simply laughing in what appears to be a nervous manner that anyone in her position might do, while biting their tongue. She did not embellish the negative comments made about Green by her obviously Palin-friendly and Green-unfriendly hosts, nor did she attempt to refute them (maybe the comments were accurate). Her fault perhaps was not being perfect, like Jesus, in loving her enemies. She picked her words very carefully as a wise politician would do, but she did not try to defend Green. Why should she? If Green is a political enemy why stand up for her? That's politics.
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