Thursday, August 21, 2008

Texas Senate Race gives GOP a Black Eye

I can imagine David Letterman having this on a Top Ten List. "Top Ten Signs that Your Campaign is in Trouble." Let's look at the State Senate District 10 race between Kim Brimer, the incumbent Republican, and Wendy Davis, the challenging Democrat.

In this race, Senator Brimer sued Wendy Davis to get her off of the ballot. The lawsuit failed and Davis remained on the ballot.

After the lawsuit failed, Senator Brimer filed a writ of mandumus with the Texas Supreme Court, challenging the eligibility of Wendy Davis to run for Senate. This court action also failed.

Senator Brimer is in trouble in this race and is threatened by his opponent. Instead of debating Davis on the issues and taking the Republican Party Platform to the campaign trail, Senator Brimer has filed lawsuits challenging his opponent's eligibility. While there are concerns with Davis's eligibility due to the timing of her resignation from the Fort Worth City Council, the fact remains that Senator Brimer is not working the campaign trail.


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