Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama Team Befuddled by Genius Palin Selection

Via Patterico:

” Ms. Palin came as a surprise not only to many Republicans and journalists, but also to the Obama team. The campaign has been busily preparing TV commercials to run against Mitt Romney — with aides gleefully watching hours of footage of Romney-McCain exchanges from the primary — but far little opposition research had been prepared about the Alaska governor. And aides said no commercials were ready to be immediately released, which the McCain campaign did when Mr. Biden was chosen.”
One has to wonder about Obama. Obama gets the wrong intelligence, focusses on the wrong things, makes the wrong statements, and has to backtrack. Is this the making of a good CinC? Obama got rolled by the Clintons into giving them 2 days at his convention, screwed up by dissing her on the VP pick, then made a bad VP pick, and the McCain campaign has run rings around him. Take Obama to the showers now. He isn't ready to lead.

The Palin pick gives conservatives a clear path forward. That’s why it’s exciting. We now have an heir apparent, one who is more qualified and has more executive experience today as a VP pick than Obama does as Presidential nominee.

UPDATE #2: RedState has the Obama - Palin comparison in full detail.

UPDATE: That experience thing - visiting the political blogs, you see the Obamaniacs are desperate. Despite the fact that the pick is such an exciting and popular one for the Republican base, they are calling the pick desperate, and slamming Palin for her supposed lack of experience. The elitist slams of Sarah Palin, who has more accomplishments and more executive experience under her belt than Obama is pathetic.

Sarah Palin is a normal American. A hockey Mom, business operator, PTA leader, and civic leader. She moved up and now leads a state as Governor. John McCain is a warrior and war hero.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama are life-long practitioners of politics. They have no diversity in the American experience outside politics. Two lawyers who decided to go into politics as their 'job'. And Obama's track record is one of left-liberal activism with almost no accomplishments to show for it. They never had to manage a payroll, deal with private sector concerns; they never led or managed like McCain did when he was in charge of the largest air squadron in the US Navy; they never took a 'the buck stops here' stand like Palin did in Alaska standing up to oil cos and fighting and exposing corruption. Obama talks the talk, but Sarah Palin has already walked the walk of change and reform.

MCCAIN AND PALIN HAVE A DIVERSITY OF EXPERIENCE, INCLUDING EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE THAT TWO POLITICIAN LAWYERS WHO HAVE ONLY RUN THEIR MOUTHS CANNOT MATCH. Oh, and sometimes the gaffe-able Biden and Obama cant even manage that quite right. So the Obamamaniac elitism is not only insuffereable, it is narrow-minded, clueless and hypocritical.

Let Obama be a mayor or governor for a while and THEN tell us he's ready for the president. Right now --- He's not.


Anonymous said...

The Barracuda and the Maverick will take on the Messiah and the Mouth.

Palin is Quality. Biden is quantity.

McCain is a Hero. Obama is a ZERO.

Anonymous said...

Another comment on this:

McCain has made an excellent choice in Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, our number one energy producer and geographically largest state.

Sarah Palin is a conservative reformer who has executive experience and accomplishments, and has actually stood up to special interests and exposed corruption, even in her own party. Obama talks the talk but Sarah Palin has walked the walk of reform.

If the Obama camp is saying that a sitting governor is not ready to be Vice President, when she has had executive experience while Obama has none, they are really admitting that Obama is not ready to be President.

Anonymous said...

Keep up on Sarah Palin facts.

These are pseudofacts and are quite funny. Worht a look.

Real fact: Palin can handle a gun. Well.

Anonymous said...

More on the Palin background:

# Opposed a statewide ballot initiative to prohibit or restrict new mining operations that could affect salmon in the state’s streams and rivers
# Has pushed to build a natural-gas pipeline from Alaska’s North Slope
# Got the state legislature to pass a bill to provide each Alaskan $1,200 to help with energy costs
# Sued the Interior Department over its decision to list the polar bear as a threatened species
# Has proposed eliminating Alaska’s gas tax
# Has pushed to open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling
# Has created a committee to forge Alaska’s climate-change strategy, and has made Alaska an observer (but not a member) of the Western Climate Initiative
# Opposes a windfall profits tax on oil companies
# Was the ethics commissioner of the Alaska Gas and Oil Conservation Commission from 2003 to 2004
# Lifelong angler and hunter
# Husband is an oil production operator for BP on Alaska’s North Slope
# Started Alaska’s Petroleum Systems Integrity Office, an oversight and maintenance agency for the state’s oil and gas equipment, facilities, and infrastructure
# Chairs the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a multistate panel “that promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of domestic oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment”