Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain has a Running Mate

Fox News is reporting that Senator McCain has chosen his Vice Presidential running mate. The press conference is tomorrow in Dayton, Ohio at 11 am.

There is wild speculation regarding the choice. Rumors have Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, and Joe Lieberman accepting the position.

I need to give John McCain a word of caution, if he choses a pro-choice Republican or Joe Lieberman in an effort to "reach across the aisle," he will lose two Republicans from his base for every one swing voter he picks up.

Senator McCain needs to solidify his base with a pro-life, fiscal conservative who articulates our platform well. Without this, the Republican base will conveniently forget to vote this year.

Stay tuned to the news on Friday.

UPDATE: Intrade has Tim Pawlenty at 85% now, up 50 pts. It's as good a bet as any.
Redstate: Get to know Tim Pawlenty

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