Thursday, August 28, 2008

Live Blog: Barack Obama Speech

I don't know where to start.

How is it that out of touch politicians can call other politicians out of touch? Is it because it takes one to know one? The only audacious thing about Obama is that he has the guts to sell socialism and a forced national collectivism on the American people in a way that they buy into it.

This cornucopia of feel good ideas about free health care, secure tuition, high-paying jobs for all, and welfare for all must be paid by somebody. The somebody that pays for all of these noble goals are the hard-working Americans that are trying to scrap by each and every day, but can never get ahead because they are taxed into oblivon because the bureaucracy (you know, those guaranteed jobs) must feed itself.

Punishing entreprenuers by raising their taxes and regulating their industry leads to jobs going over seas. Why is it that the government is more "profitable" every year than the largest corporations in America? If those individuals that work hard to create jobs keep getting punished by our regressive tax code, there will no longer be an incentive to produce new technology and innovation.

All of Obama's feel good goals are impossible to accomplish as long as bureaucracies are not held accountable and cut off at the knees to limit government power and spending. I fear Obama will continue to prop up failing bureaucracies and create new bureaucracies to achieve his goals.

The progressivism and guaranteed earnings and fairness that I continue to hear from the Democrat Party remind me of Lenin and Stalin and their feel good ideas. Eighty years of liberalism and big government solutions are the reason we have high inflation, high tuition, adults who cannot read, high gas prices, and slow moving bureaucracies that will not get the job done.

Obama raises many great points about individual responsibility in raising our children and being stewards of our neighborhoods and communities. This point is very important in a day and age when many people look to serving themselves at whatever the cost to their families and friends. True Biblical service is a missing link in our society.

Obama has said more one thing I do agree with. It is time for change on November 4. It is time to turn over Queen Nancy and her Democrat servants in Congress. Only by removing the road blocks of the liberals in elected office can our country achieve true greatness.

Peace and unity for all come at a price for all. Are you prepared to pay the price that Barack Obama is asking? Are you prepared to sacrifice your freedom, your hard earned money through high taxes, and even your national sovereignty just to have this concept of peace and unity achieved?

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