Saturday, August 16, 2008

Key Legislative Issue: Voter ID

I have talked a couple of times on what places require photo identification to conduct business. The voting booth not one of those places that requires photo identification to conduct the business of elections.

There is an online petition that is going around which asks the Texas Legislature to pass a law requiring voters to show proper photo identification to vote. This petition can be found at

Under current law, voters are only required to present a voter registration certificate to a poll worker to vote in a regular election. While this practice attempts to ensure that only registered voters receive a ballot on Election Day, it leaves a potential loophole for fraud, as individuals are not required to show identification to register to vote. As a result, it is possible for an unscrupulous individual to submit several falsified voter registration applications and to receive the voter registration certificates for those applications.

The Texas Legislature must make it a priority to protect the integrity of our election process by enacting legislation that requires voters to provide valid photo identification in order to cast a ballot in any and all elections conducted in the State of Texas.

With your help we can pass a Voter ID Law in Texas!


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MarineCorpsVet said...

Thanks for posting this. I've mirrored it on my blog.
LBJ will roll over in his grave if this is enacted!