Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama & Biden Preach Hypocrisy

Springfield, Illinois--2:30 pm, CST

Behind a throng of supporters cheering, "Yes We Can!", Barack Obama and Joe Biden preach a message of "No we Won't!" Here is a brief list of things that Obama and Biden will refuse to address during their administration:

*The United States has a dependence on foreign oil. Nearly 70% of all of America's oil comes from overseas. The Obama Administration will do nothing to increase the domestic supply of American oil, which will continue to drive up oil prices. "No they Won't" decrease America's dependence on foreign oil.

*The United States has a tax code that punishes hard work, entreprenuership, and companies that create real jobs. Biden said that the Obama Administration will remove tax credits and breaks on these businesses because it is not fair. Read my lips, taxes will increase on all Americans during the Obama Administration. "No they Won't" decrease taxes on the working class. They must increase taxes on working Americans so they can give more handouts to the un-working class of Americans that create the base of voters for the Democratic Party.

*Obama praises the government of Communist China. Does that mean that Obama's Administration will pursue a plan to enslave 75% of our citizens to bureaucratic control so that the 25% of the elite in the ruling class can make decisions? "No they Don't" believe in individual liberties and freedom for all Americans.

*The Social Security pyramid scheme is insolvent. Instead of scrapping the scheme and privatizing it and therefore making it solvent and profitable for the investors, Obama and Biden want to prop up a failing system to protect the bureaucrats and their voter base. "No they Won't" address making Social Security solvent.

*The cost of health care is rising faster than our citizens' paychecks. Instead of allowing for Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) to allow individuals to shop around for the best price and pay cash, Obama and Biden want to increase our taxes and take away our ability to choose the best health care options for our famiilies without mandates from bureaucrats in Washington. "No they Won't" give us choices in health care, choices which will lower prices for all health care services. The universal health care plan will actually raise prices and create more gridlock to take away our high quality of life in the United States.

We cannot afford to have these hypocrites win in November and enact their plans for Americans. The poor results of the plans of the Obama Adminstration will ring out louder than the crowd of liberal elites that are angry with the Bush Adminstration. Americans cannot afford the results of the Obama Administration. "No they Won't" listen to the American people!

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