Friday, May 1, 2009

Diversity Doctrine in media a Trifecta of Evil

Seton Motley eviscerates the 'diversity' Doctrine, media censorship with a race-based twist:

The proponents of station owner affirmative action are the same Leftists who were so ardently in favor of reinstating the Doctrine. One can thusly be forgiven for seeing this as an alternative route for the Left to reach their long-sought original destination - the silencing of conservative and Christian talk radio via governmental regulatory fiat.

Using 'diversity' as an excuse for race-based decisions is implicit racism. It's racial identity politics of the worst sort, based on the false premise that race is what makes us different. (Silly MLK Jr, thinking it was all about "content of our character.") Isn't it racism if a Governor fires an employee of one race just so he can hire an employee of another race? Is it not racial discrimination to hand out broadcast licenses on the same basis?

Racial discrimination is wrong, censorship is wrong, and abusing power to corruptly use it to help political allies and punish adversaries is wrong. That makes the 'diversity' Doctrine a Trifecta of left-liberal evil.

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