Monday, May 4, 2009

Texas Dems squirm on cap-and-trade-and-tax-and-regulate

Texas Congressional Democrats squirming on cap-and-trade bill. Let them squirm. The Congressional Democrats are 100% responsible for a bill that would raise consumer electric bills to levels we can't afford in order to outlaw a molecule that does no harm - CO2.

Such legislation creates massive burdens that harm the economy, but it has ZERO environmental benefit. The models that the doomsayers use to tell us CO2 will warm the planet have been contradicted by the non-warming of the last 10 years. April 2009 was only .2C warmer than the average in 20th century. There's no warming there! Less than 0.4C warming in 60 years, which if you model-fit to next century means only 1C total.

Cap-and-trade aka global warming tax is a huge scam. It's an inducement to massive patronage and corruption and enron-like fraud, where consumers pay through the nose and fast 'traders' will make a killing. The 'cap-and-trade' bill will add enormous costs, about $3900/family per year, both in direct increases in taxes and indirect costs of compliance. It's such a bad idea that even Global Warming True Believer NASA guy Hansen is against it:

This bad idea will do nothing to actually improve the environment. First, it doesnt reduce CO2 globally by any measure; and second, CO2 is over-hyped as a threat.

It's time to stop pretending this non-crisis is a crisis, stop believing in wrong models, and move on to the truth. A simple scientific 'truth-test' way to make sure we impose regulations only if necessary:

There should be a simple Amendment to ALL Climate Change legislation - NONE OF IT TAKES EFFECT UNTIL WE ACTUALLY SEE AT LEAST 0.5C OF WARMING ABOVE THE TEMPERATURE OF 1998.

If we never even observe half a degree of warming beyond - then there is no CO2 threat.

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