Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Socially Tolerant Myth

"Vote for a Democrat who at least delivers on being socially tolerant,"

That's one of those lies liberals tell themselves that leaves out multiple Inconvenient Truths:

1. Socially intolerant Democrats in Texas are banning smoking statewide indoors.

2. Socially intolerant Democrats are against the right to keep and bear arms and fought against a RKBA bill in Texas.

3. Socially intolerant Democrats fight against the right of women to choose where to send their child to school.

4. Socially intolerant Democrats are tryig to outlaw SUVs and dictate what cars to drive.

5. Socially intolerant Democrats in Austin are trying to force people to recycle and have zero carbon footprint ... All in the name of a crazy and false superstition that we are all gonna die if we dont cut CO2 emissions. It's an ECO-THEOCRACY.

6. The socially intolerant Democrats want to make it a 'hate crime' (think Orwellian ThoughtCrime) to have politically incorrect beliefs. Consider how Mark Steyn got charged with a *crime* in Canada for an *opinion* and you have a picture of where liberals, who have made the campus bastions of political non-diversity and political non-tolerance, want to take the country.

7. Intolerant Democrats want to regulate political speech much tighter, including the 'fairness doctrine', tighter regs on activist groups, and a clear intolerance of dissent as evidenced by the rabid attacks on dissenters like Rush Limbaugh.

8. Sure, Democrats are more 'tolerant' of letting pre-born humans get killed via abortions and are 'tolerant' of nursing homes unilaterally shutting off food and water to ill patients who gave no clear direction as to how to handle their cases.

But pro-death abortion / euthanasia and anti-family redefine-marriage is the sum total of liberal 'tolerance' ... the REST of their agenda is IN-tolerance.

This is not to say that some libertarians dont fall for the Democrats line of cr*p, but surely most libertarians are more attuned to real liberty issues and see through it.

UPDATE: Found on a message-board: "you may not care about the mundane freedom to hold a yard sale or the sacred freedom of a full-term baby being allowed to take it’s first breath but there are plenty of us who do."

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