Monday, May 4, 2009

Awesome Education Rant

Via Redstate, the Best Education Rant Ever, funny yet poignant, from a man tasked to give a standardized test to a bunch of HS-miseducated miscreants. You don't need an official report on the state of education in America. You just need to know this:

I’ve got a girl here, born in the US, schooled here to 13 years in this system, ready to receive a diploma from this system. I give her a test on college level material, and she does so poorly THE COMPUTER ASSUMES SHE MUST NOT SPEAK ENGLISH! Does that not concern anyone else?

Anyone? Bueller?

Then again, maybe raising kids on XBox has its uses.

The rant has a comment that 'says it all' regarding how the school system treats excellence:
My mom used to be a High School English teacher. She was demanding, challenging, and all the students respected her. What’s more, her students scored better than others in well-recognized standardized tests.

She was asked to take a non-teaching position after two other teachers complained that the students preferred her over other English teachers.

She’s now a guidance councilor and is eagerly awaiting retirement.

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MarkR said...

Thats why my kids go to Brentwood.

well that and aclu, lulac, ruining public schools