Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gun Owner Defends SA Pharmacy

Concealed carry strikes once again! Law-abiding tax-paying business owners using gun leads to the killing of an armed robber during a pharmacy holdup:

The stranger who had been loitering in the parking lot had walked into the pharmacy carrying a black revolver and a note demanding the narcotic drug OxyContin and some money, according to authorities.

Once inside, the gunman handed the note to a clerk behind the counter, Police Chief William McManus said. The clerk was one of three people inside the pharmacy at the time of the robbery attempt. The others were the pharmacy owner, 62-year-old Bill Wynn, and his wife.

The details about what happened next are unclear, but McManus said the clerk was able to inform the pharmacy owner of the attempted robbery. Wynn, who had been robbed before, somehow managed to arm himself with a gun.

That's when McManus said the robber uttered his last words: “Let's get it on.”

Police said Wynn reacted quickly, shooting the gunman in the chest.

“I was scared to death,” Wynn later said, declining to comment further.

Police arrived to find the gunman, whose identity wasn't released Wednesday, lying on his back in a pool of blood. In his right hand was a cocked revolver.

McManus said Wynn wouldn't face any charges in connection with the shooting. “He was in fear (for) his life,” the chief said. “He has a right and state law allows him to defend himself.”

Would-be robbers take note:

Wynn's wife said it's not uncommon for pharmacists to keep guns.

“A lot of pharmacies do, but we carry one because we have been robbed before,” she said without elaborating.

One of their employees, Maria Martinez, said it's been years since the pharmacy last was robbed.

And I think the pharmacy will remain quite safe for years to come.

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