Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perspectives on Health Care

Cornyn: Competition Can Cut the Costs of Health Care

Seven Myths About Health Care Policy and polling. Two of them:

Myth #2: The U.S. Health Care system needs a complete overhaul.
Says who? Not American voters. Slightly more voters (47%) say that our health care system can be fixed with some minor reforms versus those who say it needs a radical overhaul (44%).

Myth #3: Coverage for the uninsured is the major problem facing the U.S. Health Care system.
By nearly a 3 to 1 margin, these voters see rising health care and health insurance costs as the biggest problem over too many being without insurance coverage.
The author of the above article is Richard Scott, who heads up Conservatives for Patients Rights. This group has four pillars of healthcare reform: Choice, Competition, Accountability, and Individual Responsibility.

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Anonymous said...

the question arises when you have obama doing things that talk down the economy and at the same time propose job-killing initiatives, all while we have 4 million in jobs lost since Obama was elected. WIth ZERO in his stimulus to create long-term private sector economic growth, and much that will HARM it.

Cap-and-trade will kill thousands of jobs - shipping them to China and India. Buh bye jobs. This is mind-bogglingly WRONG. Stupid. Ass-hat economics.

Then you have Rahm E. talk about not wasting a crisis. And yet we are told by the gaga media that Obama cares about all of us, and the Obamessiah is 'all knowing'. So if Obama is all-knowing, is aware of the Rahm E. do-what-it-takes-to-grab-power-now ploy, and is aware - given the internal memos - of what damage his own policies will do...

You add it all up and you have to ask: Is it deliberate? Is Obama going to deliberately kill all these jobs? Or he is unaware, out-of-touch or ignorant of the consequences of his policies?

It's either intentiional destruction of jobs, or unintentional stupidity of a President who doesnt understand how the economy works. Which one is it? Does Obama realize the results of his bad policies?