Wednesday, May 27, 2009

STEWARD fights Obama's Wasteful Spending

STEWARD stands for Save The Economy Without Accumulating Record Debt. STEWARD is a grassroots organization out of new Hampshire formed to fight Obama's boondoggle stimulus spending bill. This watchdog group has the following goals:

STEWARD seeks to hold the politicians and all government spending programs accountable to three benchmarks. First, we insist on absolute transparency. Second, taxpayer money should be spent wisely, with no waste and no pork. Third, all government spending decisions should be geared toward promoting economic growth.
They started with an anti-bailout message, and they are now going after a pro-stimulus New Hampshire Democrat Congressman. People are starting to look at the stimulus and asking: "Is the Stimulus Working?" This group is asking the right questions and demanding debate on this important question now.

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