Saturday, May 9, 2009

Conservative/GOP Introspection Continues

Maybe the GOP needs a spa treatment, or an Iron John retreat for the conservative movement, or an Encounter Weekend. I don't know. But there continues to be some navel-gazing introspection going on:

Steyn: Conservatives must have courage to defend convictions.

Conservatives need to fire the marketing department.

Conservatives can't continue to play Scrooge when the liberals play Santa Claus.

GOP needs its own Barack Obama.

Posner: Conservative Movement is losing steam.

Food for thought, some good, some bad. Meanwhile the GOP leaders have their own tour. They should send Prager.

UPDATE: The "other" McCain - R S McCain - lays down the law to the McCainiac centrists - a must-read by a guy who 'gets it' as far as what went wrong with the GOP.

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