Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rebuilding the GOP: the Committeeman Project

This handy checklist for those complaining about RINOs in the GOP led me to the
The Committeeman Project. Building on Ken Blackwell's RNC Resurgence Plan, it's a plan to rebuild the Republican from the grassroots precinct-level up"

The Committeeman Project has two parts;

  1. Recruitment: Some questions need to be answered first.
    How many precincts/county/state? e.g. PA|Knox County (451).
    How many precincts have currently serving precinct committeemen? Which ones are vacant?
    How does one set about becoming a precinct committeeman in a particular county/district?
    … etc.
  2. Applications Development: I must first of all note that Ron Robinson and his GOPguerrillas Ning group are doing yeoman’s work in getting a GOP activist ActionCenter up and running in time for 2010. My thinking is exactly along those lines. As mentioned above, the endpoint of the Committeeman Project is to have every single one of the GOP’s Committeemen, their network of volunteers and activists interconnected at the precinct, township, county, up to the state and national level. To that effect, all Precinct Committeemen would be expected to run websites loaded with locale-conscious (i.e. using ZIP code) “GOPgets” for canvassing, volunteer recruiting, GOTV, events organization, multimedia, etc. For example;
    • Events Calendar
    • Multimedia (i.e. YouTube, LiveLeak) Channels
    • My Representatives
    • Candidates/Issues
    • Donate/Contribute
    • Volunteer
    • … etc.

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