Monday, May 11, 2009

Mayor Leffingwell

Leff Leffingwell led the returns by 47% to 27% for Brewster McCracken, with Carole Strayhorn in third. Brewster dropped out of the runoff - presto, we have a Mayor Leffingwell.

Had to give Urban Grounds a piece of my mind on this, because he liked Leffingwell's military service way back when. It may attest to his character, but I don't see that as a qualification to run a city, nor does it negate his bad ideas:

Leffingwell was and is the worst candidate in the race. If you go by who had most military service, you'd pick McGovern in 1972, Carter in 1980 and Kerry in 2004. NOT A GOOD YARDSTICK...

Leffingwell is another McGovern/Carter/Kerry type crackhead for stupid liberal ideas. That's why BOR libs like him and his $2+ billion biofuels boondoggle, his dangerous mandate on energy audits when you sell your home, nighttime parking meters, and other creative ways to waste the now depleted Cap Metro surplus and the Austin Energy money flow ....

Jeez, so many ways to be a bad Mayor and he's only just begun.

McCracken would have been better than Leffingwell. Carole better than Brewster. Buttross better that Carole. Conclusion: Whoever runs in the race - the worst candidate wins.

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