Saturday, May 2, 2009

100 Days of No Accountability

NSRC nails Obama ... effectively.


Jake said...

I did not see you or any other republicans question Bush's accountability when he broke his campaign promise to "pay the debt down to a historically low level". Instead, he increased the debt by almost 5 trillion dollars. (

Freedom's Truth said...

Conservatives have been dissenting and critical of Bush administration excessive spending for a number of years. The Republicans were brought to account for their failings in the last election.

The question now is, now with Democrat control of Congress and with Obama as President, who and what will bring them to accountability, especially given Obama's actions that directly contradict his campaign promises, as the NSRC video shows?

Why does Obama plan another 9 trillion in debt addition over his term and how can we stop it? (or do you think it is a good thing?)