Saturday, July 19, 2008

Young People Can Do it too.......

             For the older generations politics is kept in play by talking to their neighbors and working on campaigns. Now, while this may sound like old news and my phrasing of the last sentence may have called older generations the old political establishment it is those people who have helped my generation get to the place that we are today in the way we play our politics. 

             In fact, my invitation to Travis Monitor is testament to the new way politics is carried into play. By blogging for Travis County we can develop the Travis County Republican Party into a stronger organization and bring young people into the party. The new media of Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and comedians like Jon Stewart has transformed the way the young people view their politicians, president and world events.   

              We as college students generally view politics and world events in a negative manner because we feel that it has no impact on us. The terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 may have been the only exception. Most college students feel that the War in Iraq was the wrong decision. The reason why college students feel that way is because of what Jon Stewart and others joke around with them about the people behind it  . The joking alone is what grabs students attention.  I'm going to try and accomplish what this blog is saying we should do on Travis Monitor.

                The challenge I give to all who not only contribute to this blog but other people who read this blog is be creative, be funny and put a little humor into it and you will see the interest young people will have. It is our right to speak our views and young people need to read it the way we do it is by changing the way we talk, speak, and view issues in the world.

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Great inaugural post, well said.