Monday, July 28, 2008

Incompetent Democrat leaders seek Unlimited Power

Greedy Democrats seek untrammelled majorities in this election. Kristol says to be afraid. I am livid.

The incompetent Pelosi/Reid crooks have been mismanaging Congress horribly for the past 18 months. They have put up awful bills (latest example is a $10 billion porker); they oppose common sense (like the Democrat opposition to drill now); they lard up everything with special interest earmark junk & waste our money ($300 billion farm bill in May, $300 billion mortage bailout this month); for every issue they want to raise our taxes (the Democrat-led House has voted more than a dozen tax increases this session); they have undermined our military and done little to support them; they constantly put partisanship above patriotism and witch-hunt attacks on the Bush White House above proper conduct of their branch of Govt; they have been utter hypocrites on ethics by keeping crooks in the Democratic caucus. And now they want MORE power? Perhaps, the best argument for voting Republican this year is the Democrat leadership in DC. Democrat leadership = Worst. Congress. Ever.

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