Saturday, July 19, 2008

Live Blog: Americans for Prosperity Blogger Conference

Texas Railroad Commissioner, Elizabeth Ames Jones, just gave a compelling speech on energy. Her closing remarks were not a focus on energy, instead it was a not-so-gentle prodding of her own party.

This is not a direct quote. I did not write it down as she was speaking. To paraphrase, the people perceive the Republican Party as driving us towards socialism, just not quite as quick as the Democrat Party. The lessons from 2006 is a rejection of big government and a progression towards socialism, not a rejection of Republicans. But, as long as the Republican Party is incrementally moving us towards the center, we will continue to lose. Our Party leaders and our elected officials need to realize that moving towards the middle will cost us this year's election, too. If we do not realize this fast enough and correct our mistakes on our message, our platform, and re-energize our grassroots, we will lose again in 2008.

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