Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama's Thin Skin

What is with this fetish to shut down any comment that is construed as critical of Obama? MichelleObamaWatch is a curious website, devoted to attacking people who dare criticize the Obamas. They went after the Washington GOP for their daring ad which showed people expressing why they are proud to be American (this was a response btw to Michelle Obama doing an event helping get the Democrat governor re-elected - "the 90-minute event added $400,000 to Gregoire’s re-election campaign" at yesterday’s campaign stop.") They attacked the statement in the ad: "In our country, people can freely express themselves however they wish."

Their replies insinuated that it was attacking Michelle's free speech and was racist:
"Hmmm…interesting. I mean, I suppose that’s true, unless your name is Michelle Obama."
"OUR country. Of which the Obamas and people who look like them are apparently not a part of."
I had to respond:

NOBODY is denying the Obama’s their right to not only speak, but to speak on public forums like “The View” where they get fawning rock-star treatment.

Rather, we reserve the right as citizens to call these leftwing fools wrong when they say things that are wrong. It takes a twisted mind indeed to say that criticism of politicians and public figures is somehow an attack on their 1st amendment. Do you go around telling every critic of Bush to STFU because its denying him *his* rights? Of course not! The concept is ludicrous, intolerant and backwards.

If anything, the Obama’s have not been criticized enough for the lying and dishonest campaign that the Obama-Axelrod machine has concocted. Its a farce. The most unqualified and unready and extremist candidate ever nominated, and the campaign is desperate, completely desperate to keep the phony charade going by shutting down any and all substantive criticism of his views and (lack of) experience.

It is frightening to see these attempts to shut down dissent and free-spirited responses to campaigns. It's as if we are back in the age of Kings and Queens - nobody dare mnetion the Emperor has no clothes! Let me point out that underneath those clothes is a might thin skin!

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