Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's Count the Ways we Need to Show Photo ID

I recently moved across Austin to Wells Branch. In selecting a neighborhood, one of the things taken into account was the fact that Austin is going to raise taxes next year to make up for the city spending $27 million more than they had last fiscal year. That is for another story, though.

Today, I called the post office to find out how to get my mailbox key for the community box at the corner. I was told to show up in person with a receipt of sale and valid photo identification. Valid photo identification! What a novel concept.

So, in this country, I have personally found we need valid photo identification to buy alcohol, adopt a pet, purchase a rifle, write a check at the grocery store, make a credit card purchase at Best Buy, apply for a loan to purchase anything, start a new bank account, get married and receive a marriage license, drive, close on a house, get medical care, and to pick up a mailbox key from the US Post Office.

What surprises me is that a photo ID is not required to vote. The most fundamental right and privelege of being an American citizen is voting, yet we do not need to show photo identification to vote. What I find surprising and hypocritical is that the Democrat Party opposes the use of photo identification to vote but requires photo ID to receive credentials at the Texas Democrat Convention. Amazing.

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