Saturday, July 19, 2008

Supreme Court Is Election Issue for Both Sides

At Jobsanger they apparently care about SCOTUS in the election, enough to have this article and picture :

These liberals think the 4 best Justices on SCOTUS are ... fascist?!? Loopy leftwing nutroots!
Kelo, Heller v DC, and other decisions had the liberal Justices take the side of the "Fascists". I left this comment:

Scalia is awesome. He was able to read the 2nd Amendment correctly in Heller v DC and truly has the proper understanding of the Constitution as it is really written.

Clarence Thomas is a great Justice as well, and his fine autobiography is worth reading by anyone from any side of political fence.

Calling these fine Justices, like "umpire" Chief Justice Roberts "fascism" shows loopy extremism.

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Randy A. Samuelson said...

Only the liberals perpetuate facism. True conservatives believe in the free market of economic and philosphical ideas. We do not want to indoctrinate people to move lock-step with our party brass like the liberals do. I am tired of conservatives being called facists when it is truly the liberals who perpetuate facism.