Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama Update

Obama - Not fit to Lead, a defense of the Iraq surge and a dissection of how wrong Obama is on it. It's clear now that Obama's position would have lost Iraq:

"He insisted on a plan for pulling out combat troops by March 2008 that would have lost the war, and as the primary campaign dragged on, even talked of a more rapid withdrawal. ... If Obama had had his way, we would have lost in Iraq. But he positioned himself exactly right in the Democratic primaries. This is shameful."

Reflection on Obama's speech, it was well-received Globalist fluff: "he said nothing of consequence. ... it was an oration singularly lacking in historical moment precisely because of its vacuity and historical relativism and revision."

Obama's healthcare plan will cover illegals; taxpayers on hook for socialized healthcare for 20 million illegal aliens.

McCain and Obama first joint meeting - color me disappointed by Rick Warrens topics, nothing on Mariage, life/abortion, education, or judges! Obama is trying to bamboozle evangelicals. Somehow, somewhere, some one needs to call out Barack Obama on his extreme left views on marriage, abortion, judges, and education, and it will discredit Rev Warren immensely if he allows himself to be party to a bamboozling by ignoring these issues in his forum.

Barack Hubris Obama. See also Audacity Overload - Obama suffers from a severe case of Obamamania.

Obama camp - Too many old people in Florida: "So let’s just forget about Florida. There’s just too many old people here. As Pat Buccanan said, “change” for them means a trip to the morgue."

Top ten things to expect from an Obama court: racial preferences; new constitutional rights to physician-assisted suicide; judicial oversight of military; Prohibiting tuition vouchers; Banning the death penalty; making taxpayers fund abortions; new constitutional rights to welfare programs; stripping "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance; eroding property rights; Federal right to gay marriage. Barack Obama promised to appoint judges "who best represents the changing demands of our country in the light of a living Constitution."

Go ahead, laugh at Obama.

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