Friday, July 25, 2008

Congressman McCaul Helps Free Boys from Pakistani Madrassas

H/T to Statesman's Postcards from the Lege blog.

McCaul's opponent was giving him grief over not being in the district lately, and McCaul responded by pointing out he was a bit busy lately ... like visiting Iraq and Afghanistan to support the troops and stuff like this ...

SAFER credits McCaul and State Dept for release of two brothers from Atlanta held in a madrassa in Pakistan:

In early July, SAFER worked with U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul to secure the release of Noor and Mahboob Khan, two brothers from Atlanta also held at the madrassa on expired religious education visas.

“Without the intervention of Congressman McCaul, the US State Department and the Pakistani government, the Khan brothers would still be in the Jamia Binoria madrassa,” Pertierra said. “The U.S. government must act swiftly to also release Muna and all the American children held at Jamia Binoria.”

Way to go, Rep McCaul.


BillyD said...

the kids from "Karachi Kids" were being schooled in the madrassa in the same town as the one McCaul describes as a "hot bed of terrorist activity". The school the kids were actually AT is known internationally for its moderate, tolerant views and teachings. Too bad McCaul isn't doing his homework, bad example for the students here at home in the 10th District. I guess he's not too concerned about what THOSE kids are or are not learning

Anonymous said...

i love how GOP plants in blogs always have names like "truth of freedom" or "freedom's truth" "TruthyFreedomFreedomTruthFreedom9/11"

i mean, you throw in the words freedom and truth - and you've already gotten your point across. anyone who dares disagree obviously hates freedom AND truth. . . and probably dolphins