Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why I Left Austin for Cedar Park

Ideas have legs. Unfortunately for local politicians, so do most citizens.

It's been a year of life changes for the my family, including marriage, a new job in different part of town, and our first child on the way. Thus, my wife and I were faced with a decision about where we want to reside for the next chapter in our lives.

My fashionable southwest side bungalow was too small and too far away from work and family, so we had to undertake a move. Furthermore, the weirdness of south Austin was a little too present in my old neighborhood. Booming car stereos, bizarre lawn ornamentation, the occasional transient, six cars per house in some cases, and generally careless attitude of some residents may seem quirky or even chic for a young person aspiring to urbane hipness. But for my money, those items are deal killers when it comes to raising a family.

Thankfully, God opened a door to move to a charming house in culturally conservative, southeast Cedar Park, just northwest of Austin. As our home search progressed, we were presented with decisions that brought into sharp relief the differences that exist between municipalities. The decision makers at city hall have tremendous power to shape the lifestyle and environment of the lowly property owner and resident.


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MJSamuelson said...

Fantastic post, Travis. Thank you for sharing!