Friday, July 18, 2008

RightOnline - Samsphere comes to Austin

Liveblogging notes from the Samsphere presentation at the RightOnline summit.

Sam Adams Alliance, named for a guy who started the "Sons of Liberty" during the American revolution, goal is to advance economic and individual liberty through online and traditional media. They use the term "Blogivist" - an online activist, someone who 'does something', who is out to make a change.

SamSphere is: Networking, live networking, social networking, and blogger tools. The idea is that community is the soul of the 'net, "community is the soul of revolution."

The advantages of the left (Kos, Groupthink; media assistance (liberal MSM); time on their hands; realistic perspective on success.

How to get better: Develop clear messages; set idealistic, achievable goals; work together; share information; connect and build your network. 'think with courage', do something big (or a lot of somethings small).

Build communities: Counter isolation and isoloated bloggers. Come together as an online community. Come together as a physical community.

My take: I like the approach. We need to work together. We need to build community to build interest, readership and influence. So let me make a pitch: If you are in central Texas and want to join the Travis Monitor blogging crew, inquire within. Authors, even if only have something to say once a month or so, are welcome!

UPDATE: New York Times caucus blog reports on the Samsphere presentation and disccussion.

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