Saturday, September 12, 2009

Million Patriot March

The 9/12 march is "The largest limited-Government pro-liberty rally in our nation's history" as a speaker put it. There are several hundred thousand protesters at this massive rally today.

The liberal MSM is unsurprisingly coy about numbers ("tens of thousands"), but via Rightwing Nuthouse:

Stacy McCain just called and told me that Barbara Espinosa , a volunteer with Freedomworks, reports that the organization’s “metered” count of protestors is “more than 450,000.”

I think they missed a few hundred thousand but it won’t matter. ...

Michelle Malkin reports that Capitol Police are estimating crowd at 1.2 million.


SG said...

Awesome . . . . Absolutely Awesome!!

I'm piecing together a couple things to throw on my blog that will make the numbers abundantly clear. It uses the same method of counting that was used for the Obama inauguration.

When you compare the number of people that turned out for this rally to the Obama inauguration, it is simply overwhelming. If Obama claimed a mandate based on his public support then there is no way this is anything other than a mandate.

Anonymous said...

The real count - hundreds of thousands:

Anonymous said...

"I'd prefer a nation of strong citizens and weak leaders than the other way around." - Patrick M.

Anonymous said...