Saturday, July 19, 2008

Key Texas House Races, 2008

There are many goals that the conservatives want to accomplish in the Texas Legislature in the 81st Session. Just to name a few, Republicans need to address illegal immigration, voter ID, meaningful sunset to address the woes at TXDOT, the elimination of the business tax passed under HB 3 in the 79th Legislature, spending caps and appraisal caps, to name a few.

To accomplish these goals, the Legislature will need Republicans to represent us and our values in 2009. Speaker Tom Craddick will have to walk a tight rope in his re-election bid for Speaker if there are not enough solid Republicans in the Texas House.

Our key legislation will hinge on who the Speaker will name as Committee Chairs. If our conservatives do not hold the key committee chair positions of Appropriations, Ways and Means, Local Ways and Means, Elections, Transportation and State Affairs, much of our proposed legislation will die in committee without the grassroots given an opportunity to present our case for:

Limited Government
Individual Liberties
Low Taxes
National Sovereignty
Traditional Family Values

In analyzing the Texas House races for November 2008, there are some key races that conservative grassroots activists need to be involved in. If we truly want to accomplish our goals, we need to elect these Republicans in the Texas House. The best way to hold our elected officials accountable to our platform is to build relationships during a contested campaign.


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