Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama 18 months behind McCain on Afghanistan

Dec 2006 - MCcain seeks more troops in Afghanistan during a visit there:

"If it's necessary, we will (send additional troops), and I'm sure we would be agreeable, but the focus here is more on training the Afghan National Army and the police, as opposed to the increased U.S. troop presence," ... "Taliban remains a very big threat, and we have a long way go to before they are eradicated,"

Now the meme of the week is how Obama is 'leading the way' in calling for more troops in Afghanistan. This Obama guy is like a clown who jumps in front of a parade and thinks that means he's leading it.

UPDATE: Another Obama clown-show meme from their world wind(bag) tour is trying to defend Obama's absurd claim that the Anbar awakening would have succeeded without the surge, and trying to dispute McCain's argument that the surge was vital to success in Anbar as well as Iraq overall. The 'proggosphere' is wrong as usual, with an incredulous argument that basically has a premise that everything in late 2006 was going well in Anbar.

McCain was right about Anbar comment here:
“This counter-insurgency was initiated to some degree by Col. McFarland in Anbar province, relatively on his own. And I visited with him in December of 2006. He had already initiated that strategy in Ramadi by going in and clearing and holding in certain places,” McCain said. “Later on, there were additional troops, and General Petraeus said that the surge would not have worked, and the Anbar awakening would not have taken place, successfully, if they hadn’t had an increase in the number of troops.”

Exactly so.

Meanwhile, the Obama camp is reduced to idiocies such as Wesley Clark giving credit to the Saudis for peace in Iraq, in a desperate attempt to avoid admitting that the Surge actually worked, and that therefore McCain was right to support it and that Obama was wrong to oppose it. We have one man who has proven he has the judgement to fight and win against our enemies, and we have another, Obama, a rookie Senator who shifts for political expediency and depends on the spin-hype machine to avoid looking like the fool he really is.

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Curious Texan said...

One of my favorite adages is this: "If you want to be a great leader, find a big parade and run in front of it."

Obama is a master at this, because deep down where it really counts, he has no philosophical core. Whether it's Afghanistan, FISA, or Black Liberation Theology, he will say whatever is expedient at the moment.

Unfortunately for him, these inconsistencies have been duly documented, and by this fall, their juxtaposition will make for some great campaign commercials for McCain.