Saturday, July 19, 2008

AFP RightOnline: Youth and politics

Ethan Eilon, College Republicans: Discussion of efficient, consistent ways to talk to 18 to 25 year old voters. Big message: 18 to 25 year olds are not going anywhere and can be tracked using online tools better than with other tools (addresses change). Mentions 'socnets' and Storm on College Republican site.

Laura Elizabeth Morales, leader of YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas). Bringing a speaker to campus - Chris Simcox. Leftists tried to shut down the speech. They taped everything that went on and put together a YouTube video to show what happened. New Media can transform how the speaker is presented. The backlash wasn't just then, but continued, but they got their side of the story out with new media.

Soren Dayton: Who uses the technology and what young people are doing. Average age of Daily Kos reader is 45 years old. Speaking to College students, PR firm did a poll on how young voters use information online: 67% spent several hours online. Getting around old media may not work if traditional media is more credible. Dealing with new media is not a silver bullet; we still have to talk to people one-on-one. Tool for activating once we got them contacted.

Eric Peterkowsky of Newsbusted: Talking about pop culture. Pop culture has a part to play in the youth, new media, and politics intersection. BTW, he will pay $50 for jokes on the show. It was inspired by Malkin's Hot Air website.

Question on organizing on campus on traditional black Colleges.

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