Friday, July 18, 2008

What's next for Right Online

David Bluey on RightOnline: A turning point for the right, he calls it.

In the afternoon session, I went into David Almady (of capitol gig) talk on social networking.

NewsBusted was shared in a panel today, making the point that humor and conservatism can mix. Well worth watching. DV cam against green screen. Basic technology, but the key is the writing. Using Red Lasso, you can access recorded TV shows to get other clips. Mentions a movie coming out, "An American Carol". Also mentions a funny ad from 2006 that Hollywood directer Zucker did on Albright and the Democrats. Yes, its funny, but was a bit too 'cutting' for the RNC in 2006, so it wasn't aired.

The Ron Paul 'phenomenon' was 'freedom' acted on by a number of activists, says his political director. Lack of money caused one volunteer to create a logo, the 'money bomb' was an idea from another volunteer, etc. What's the lesson? Have a technology platform and give the campaign the freedom to build on it. She talks about having tools that enable this and 'building a virtual candidate', which takes us to the post-leadership citizen-led concept of politics.


Brian said...

Hi Travis,

Please forgive the OT comment, but I don't see (or missed) an email address for you.

I just noticed a comment you placed on my blog offering some climate bets, at:

Most of the offers don't seem fair bets to me IMHO, but one came close: "I will bet you $1,000 even money bet that the 3-year average centered on 2008 annual global temperature will not exceed the 3-year average centered on 1998."

Why are you so interested in 1998? As opposed to 2000 say, or 1995, or any other year? I can't figure it out. How about 1992 for a comparison year - or did something unusual happen that year that skewed temperatures for reasons that have nothing to do with long term changes?

Anyway, if you are so interested in 1998, then I'll take your bet if it's a five-year centered average for 1998 and 2008 instead of three-year. Please let me know if you're interested - my email address is on the left side of my blog.

Brian said...

Sorry - meant to say "Hi PJ" not "Hi Travis"

Anonymous said...

Brian: Yes, this is a bit off-topic, so I will make a separate article and we can discuss it.

The thesis that you support is that the temperature change in the past 50 years is driven mainly by CO2. If this is true, the *monotonic* increase in CO2 should translate into a corresponding monotonic increase in global temperatures.

The temperature record of the past 10 years disproves that thesis.

The Global Warming Hoaxers used 1998 as 'proof' that CO2 increases were driving temperature increases. This is certainly false, but the global warming hyperbolists have been reluctant to admit that.

If you are reluctant to have 1998 as a baseline to be later exceeded, then you are acknolwedging my point: That 1998 was due to natural variability and will be unlikely to be exceeded anytime soon.

My bet stands, but given the latest temperature data for 2008, you'd be a fool to take it. The data is disproving the global warming hyperbolists on a day-by-day basis.

- PJ aka Freedoms Truth

Brian said...

So are you saying you won't take my counteroffer? Why is a three-year average a fair bet, but a five-year average not?

Brian said...

Again though if you are interested in the five year bet, please let me know.