Saturday, July 19, 2008

AFP RightOnline Wrapup

As an EDA technologist, I've been to technical conferences (e.g. DAC) where I learned a lot and come out of it with dozens of ideas of what to do next; and as a Republican, I've been to my share of political events and conventions, where I got jazzed up about the conservative cause. This is the first conference I've been too where I got both feelings at once - I learned a lot and have a dozen "Must do" followups to build up our blog and build up the RightOnline community in Texas. Plus I got jazzed by AFP activism (this links to a YouTube of AFP exposing Al Gore's globaloney hypocrisy yesterday), and great messages from John Fund, Rep John Carter, Michael Steele, Michael Williams, Grover Norquist, Michelle Malkin and others. has a blogroll of some of the blogs that participated in the RightOnline summit. It was a pleasure meeting a lot of the people listed in the blogroll. After the session, I got to meet up with Soren Dayton, who's on RedState and whose recent project is The NextRight.

Travis Fell did a lot of liveblogging at his VITW blog, as did Melissa Clouthier out of The Woodlands, Texas, and many others.

UPDATE: Travis Fell has nice tweet-sized summary roundup of reports on RightOnline from various blogs including Travis Monitor. And I agree with his own summation:

Build community. Unify TX right blogs w/new tools. Microtarget. Fight global warming hysteria. Engage local media. Focus -> quality content.


Freedom Ain't Free said...

Yes, this was definitely a conference for activist, rather than for folks who just want to hang with the elite. There was so much valuable information from so many people who are foot-soldiers in the war on the loony left.

I found it a bit difficult to blog and socialize, though. Being a left brain engineer who can't type or spell, blogging demands quite a large footprint on my "personal RAM," making it difficult for me to interact with others. That's something I will have to work on next time.

I really got a lot out of the session on Global Warming: The Cost of Climate Change Hysteria, as is evident in my live blog entry for that session. I too have a mental list of follow-up things to do. Maybe, we should get all Travis Monitor bloggers together to encourage each other to really follow-up with action. Use it, or lose it.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe, we should get all Travis Monitor bloggers together to encourage each other to really follow-up with action. Use it, or lose it."

Yes, we should. Definitely need to followup.

Randy A. Samuelson said...

Great idea. I'll talk to James Bernsen to see how he wants to get his idea of his communications and PR website together to highlight these blogs. He should be included in these discussions.