Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The War on Patriot's Day (9/11)

"Wisely, but yearly, filch some wreath-
Lay some proud rite aside-
And daily tarnish with Our breath
The ends for which They died.
Distract, deride, decry, confuse-
(Or-if it serves Us-pray!)
So presently We break the use
And meaning of Their day! " - Rudyard Kipling

Quote found here. An apt description of what White House directed officials are doing to 9/11, replacing a specific remembrance of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, with a generic "National Day of Caring".

A commenter asks: "Doesn’t the left want to refer to terrorist attacks as “Man caused disasters?”"

Let's reserve that label for the Obama Administration.


SG said...

FT - Thanks for posting!!

Wow, this is sad. There are multiple attacks on the memory and sanctity of 9/11.

I just posted an article on about a telephone campaign by OFA on 9/11. They are accusing town hall protesters of being "Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists."

How incredibly shameful that they would trample the memory of thousands of dead Americans for a political agenda totally unrelated to 9/11.

How unthinkable that they would compare Americans exercising free speech to foreign terrorists attacking Americans on American soil.

Martina said...

It is really sad day for the New Yorkers.I think they should first think on this matter and then announce the day's name.The attack is really a man made disaster.Thanks for this acknowledgement.