Friday, September 18, 2009

"Sons of Anarchy" Show Pitching in to Demean Tea Party Conservative Movement

Is it just me or is it somewhat ironic that producers of "Sons of Anarchy" are juxtaposing dope peddling, murdering, gun smuggling, porn producing bikers as the good guys when they come up against white separatist businessmen ("not supremacists") who are fighting 'that bunch of black radicals in Washington' and not towing the party line on multi-racial inclusion?

That was the despicable gist of the new story line in the premiere episode of the FX Network series last week. There's so much to write about this and yet I am so tired tonight. I promise to do so in future posts.

Just know that "Sons of Anarchy" might as well be produced by ACORN organizers and Nancy Pelosi in its demented story line this year. Once again conservatives come under attack from Hollywood by being portrayed as being similar to racists and neo-Nazis.

And once again, I turn off, tune out and pray. What else can one do when the odds are so stacked against you with the brainwashers in the mainstream media and entertainment industries spinning their agitprop? That means "agitation propaganda," for those you of post-Cold War readers who don't know what "agit-prop is.

More on this later. Watch "Sons of Anarchy" at your own risk. It's demonstrative of what Hollywood is likely to start spitting out en masse in our near future as they support their President and position all opposition to him as originating from racist, neo-Nazi sources.

Makes me sick.

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