Friday, September 4, 2009

Open Seat Races in Travis Criminal Court

H/T twitter(*) - John Lipscombe, a Democrat running for Country Court at law #3, got the endorsement of Travis County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Association. His race also got a writeup in the Austin Chronicle, looking at the open seats for 2010 at the Travis county criminal court:

"Last week we kicked off coverage of the spring Democratic primary race for what ultimately will be three open seats on Travis County's criminal court bench. There will be several contenders for the 147th District Court felony bench (to be vacated by retiring Judge Wilford Flowers) and the County Court at Law No. 3 misdemeanor seat, when current occupant Judge David Crain steps down to run for Flowers' seat (a move he's expected to make in January)....

In the race for Flowers' seat, Democratic contenders Crain and Cliff Brown, currently the city's appointed police monitor, will also face current Assistant District Attorney Karen Sage (

In the race to fill Crain's seat on County Court No. 3, veteran Assistant County Attor­ney John Lipscombe will face Olga Seelig, an associate Municipal Court judge, in the Dem primary. ...

A third race is also under way, for County Court at Law No. 6, which will be vacated in 2010 by Breland. One sure candidate has so far emerged: former prosecutor Brandy Mueller, who has already banked more than $44,000 for the race."

(*) Nice leverage of twitter, facebook, and website by the Lipscombe campaign.

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