Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mr Cult-of-Personality Disorder Plans Congressional Harangue

President Obama to address Congress on September 8. He will not talk about plans to save us from losing the war in Afghanistan, nor will he give us any plans to reduce the massive deficits his spending plans are creating - trillion-dollar plus deficits. Rather he will harangue us, yet again, on his ObamaCare healthcare plans. Apparently, he thinks talking about an issue that caused his poll numbers to go from 60% to 45% is his best shot at bouncing back.

Obama will surely try to 'debunk' 'lies' that are actually valid concerns. Just like (Via Weekly Standard) Newsweek's list of Obamacare "lies" that aren't lies.

This is like tying yourself to an anchor to stop from drowning.

Mr Cult-of-Personality Disorder has really dumb advisors.

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