Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chavez coming before Einstein and Christmas

Texas lege update' is blogging the SBOE session, where the issue of removing Christmas has come up and has faced vocal backlash:

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez is making a presentation speaking in support of keeping Cesar Chavez and Thurgood Marshall in the social studies standards.
Huh!?! Even though SBOE chairman said: "“I am not aware that any SBOE member is in disagreement which this." and even though ...
Testifying-Jewish organization representative recommending Jonas Salk (polio vaccine inventor) and Albert Einstein being kept in the standards, ... Salk and Einstein have been removed in the proposed changes. Great points! You’ll remember we brought the Albert Einstein issue to your attention.
So our local Democratic Rep is more concerned about a union organizer of minor importance (who was not being removed anyway) than about the greatest scientist in the 20th century and a man who saved millions of lives.
Kathy Miller testifying,: Observing process- she’s very concerned, “looks like were putting politics ahead of education. ”
A definite "Physician, Heal thyself!" moment for the liberal activists trying to change education standards.

Isn't it odd that liberals put Chavez as more important than Einstein or Christmas? Or insist on a minor leftwing political leader getting (and staying) inserted into curriculum, ignoring giants like Einstein and fundamentally important traditions like Christmas? Rep Eddie Rodriguez might not have as many brilliant Jewish scientists in his district as he does union organizers, but doesn't that calculus appear, gee, I dunno ... like "putting politics ahead of education"?

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